Business Liquidations

We also run business liquidations for small business owners with offices, shops, or restaurants or for larger companies with extensive inventory or warehouses.

One of our largest projects involved selling the contents of a packed 40,000 square foot warehouse for NBC Universal Studios in March of 2017 here in Portland.  The warehouse was full of stuff that the studio had purchased over the course of six seasons for the TV show ‘Grimm’ that was filmed locally.

Here is what the co-producer had to say about how we handled the project:

“I would like to highly recommend A&S Estate Sales to any business or individual looking for help with a liquidation sale.
Arnie and his amazing team worked with us for over a month when we wrapped our 6 year television series in Portland.
Our needs were quite different than most of Arnie’s previous clients, but that didn’t faze him at all….he skillfully rose to the challenge.
When Grimm finished shooting in January 2017, we were left with several large warehouses of furniture, props, costumes and equipment that we needed to liquidate quickly and efficiently. A&S came to our rescue.
Besides organizing an enormous volume of stock and handling the logistics of turning a commercial warehouse into a public sale space, A&S also had to deal with “input” from crewmembers, landlords, lawyers, publicists, reporters and even the fire marshall. Arnie’s team was respectful and attentive to everyone’s issues while continuing to focus on their main task of setting up the sale.
On the first morning of the 9 day sale, there were over 1000 people waiting in line when the doors opened. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone work harder than the teams Arnie had assembled to handle the sales, service and security.
At the end of the 9 days, the formerly “packed from floor-to-ceiling on all three floors” warehouse was completely empty and spotlessly clean. It was unbelievable!
No matter how small or large your sale will be, you’ll be in good hands with A&S.
Thank you A&S!”

Nancy H
Los Angeles, CA

Besides NBC Universal Studios, some of our previous clients include The City of Lake Oswego Public Works Department, PointWest Credit Union, and Hoyt Street Properties.

Be sure to call us for a consultation about your business or inventory liquidation needs at
Here’s a story KGW did on the THE LIBRARIANS/LEVERAGE TV SHOWS LIQUIDATION SALE we conducted in 2018.

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