Awesome Moving Sale in Milwaukie this weekend (October 25th and 26th)!!!

We are working hard to bring you another great sale this weekend.  It’s going to be in Milwaukie and it’s a dream come true for audiophiles, movie buffs, and those who like contemporary furniture!

We will post the address here on Friday – or you can find it on or

Scroll down for some pics…

Here is a brief list of what you will find in this sale:

Panasonic SMART VIERA 65” Full HD 3D Plasma HDTV (model TC-P65VT50) – less than two years old and in excellent condition

Sony Bravia 32″ flatscreen TV

Pair of KEF Reference Series Model Four Speakers (4-way 6-driver) – each weighs 108 lbs and stands 4’ tall – both in excellent condition!!

KEF MODEL TDM 34DS Home Theater THX surround sound speakers with KEF center speaker – all three in excellent condition

Pair of KEF iQ3 bookshelf speakers – both in excellent condition

Two MILLER & KREISEL MX-5000 THX Subwoofers – excellent condition

Panamax (model: M5300-PM) 11 outlet power conditioner/surge protector – excellent condition

Outlaw Model 770 200WPC Amplifier – excellent condition

Pioneer ELITE (MODEL SC 55) 9.1 Channel A/V Receiver – excellent condition

Pioneer ELITE (MODEL VSX-52) 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver – excellent condition (comes with original box)

Energy C-Series home theater surround sound speakers – excellent condition

about 300 Blu-Ray discs (some 3D)

about 400 DVDs

ITALSOFA Red Leather ‘Veneta’ Sectional Sofa (LAF) – dimensions are 91”/82”W x 39”D x 33”H – excellent condition – purchased at Dania

Matching red leather ottoman

Johnston Casuals Custom Crafted Console Table (40”L x 14”D x 32”H)

Arc floor lamp

Stainless steel bar table with matching stools

Contemporary Dania Dinette table

Wissmann raumobjekt Queen size poster canopy bed

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware – pots and pans – used just a few times

Assorted kitchenware

Assorted hand tools

two Werner step ladders, an orchard ladder, an extension ladder

Troybilt Brigg & Stratton Professional 7.75 pressure washer – like new condition

Schwinn Windwood Cruiser bike

And more!!!

IMG_2920 IMG_2922 IMG_2924 IMG_2928 IMG_2937 IMG_2940 IMG_2942 IMG_2961 IMG_2966 IMG_2976 IMG_2979 IMG_2980

IMG_3550 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3559 IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3565 IMG_3566 IMG_3567 IMG_3569 IMG_3570 IMG_3572 IMG_3577 IMG_3579 IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3585 IMG_3588 IMG_3590 IMG_3592 IMG_3599 IMG_3600 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3605 IMG_3606 IMG_3608 IMG_3612 IMG_3616 IMG_3618 IMG_3620 IMG_3621 IMG_3622 IMG_3624 IMG_3625 IMG_3627 IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3632 IMG_3633 IMG_3635 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3652 IMG_3654 IMG_3659 IMG_3663 IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3666 IMG_3667 IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3674 IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3680 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3689 IMG_3697 IMG_3699 IMG_3700 IMG_3702 IMG_3704 IMG_3705 IMG_3706 IMG_3714 IMG_3715 IMG_3719 IMG_3720 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3724

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